Eating: Grocery Shopping Deals

As a college student living on my own for the first time, I have discovered multiple deals to be had when grocery shopping. While I am nowhere near the level of an “extreme couponer” I do like to find savings when I can because every little bit helps. Below is a list of tips I have created to try to help you make the most of your grocery trips.

  • Cartwheel App from Target – just go into the store, scan the barcode of what you are buying and it gives you free coupons!
  • Stop and Shop – gives you coupons after purchase for what you are buying.
  • – has a section for in-store coupons.
  • – Can request specific grocery store coupons.
  • Market Basket – Stay on the lookout for special 4/$4 or 2 for 1 deals or any other discounts, they always have different sections on sale, try to find a pattern for the items you want.

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