Eating: Trader Joe’s on a Budget

I love grocery shopping. It not only gives me a chance to buy new foods, but a new chance to eat healthier each week. Recently I’ve been trying to explore healthier options but have found it is really, really expensive.

I ventured my way into Trader Joe’s, a place I rarely try to frequent due to the prices and my small wallet. As much as I love this interesting grocery store with so many unique products, I can never manage to walk out of there feeling like I got my money’s worth.

How do I solve this? I googled. I found an article on Self about spending only $40 at Trader Joe’s and making a whole week of delicious meals!

While I did end up trying this for myself, I did find myself spending over the allotted $40 – however it did help me figure out how to stretch my ingredients to fufill multiple meals instead of just one!

Check out the article here. If you love Trader Joe’s as much as me – give it a try!


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