Working: How To Prepare for an Internship

As summer fast approaches, I am sure many of you have or will begin to search for the valued summer internship. Applying is the easy part, landing and preparing for an interview is definitely harder.

I’ve decided to make a quick how to prepare for an internship. These steps allow me to feel more confident and qualified as I go into my interview.

  1. Research the company before going to the interview. Learn about the company and try to prepare a question or two you may have.
  2. Research your interviewer. Find their Linked In or even just google them. Try to find a way to connect with them.
  3. Come up with 2 good things about yourself and why they could help the company. Then, think of one negative trait you could turn positive. This is a common question I have been asked, so I think preparing for it has helped me.
  4. Pick out your outfit the night before. This way you don’t have to add on to the stress of looking right for the interview the day of.
  5. Plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early. This gives you a buffer in case anything goes awry in your travel.
  6. Take a few deep breaths and let go of any stress you have going into the interview. If you feel stressed, you look stressed. Try to think about all the positive things you can bring to the internship and don’t bring yourself down!

Good luck to everyone applying!


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