Living: Subscription Boxes

I am constantly looking for new things to try. Makeup, clothes, food, you name it.

I have been getting a subscription box for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It gives me a chance to try new makeup and I never even have to leave my home! They are usually around $10-$50 a month depending on what brand and what you choose to get.

If you do your research, you can find tons of subscription boxes to fit your need from makeup to dog toys.

I think the best part of these is that after a while they become more tailored to you and can show you things you love that you would never have tried for yourself!

It gives me something to look forward to during the month. I love getting packages and this is one I especially love to get.

I currently use Ipsy – a $10 monthly makeup subscription box that gives me 5 items each month. It’s a great value and I use most of what I receive. It’s like having a personal shopper without breaking my bank account!

Do any of you get a subscription box like Birchbox, or Ipsy? What do you think about them?


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