Living: Choosing (And Actually Going To) a Gym

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being is hard. It’s especially harder being a college student who is trying to support themselves while working and going to school and managing all other extra-curricular activities.

One of the things I have found most helpful in balancing this all is finding time to go to the gym. The gym provides me a provides me a place to de-stress and forget about what I have going on. It also keeps me active seeing as my main daily tasks include sitting for over half my day.

When choosing a gym, there were a few things I decided to consider.

  • Price
    • I do not have a high budget to spend on a gym membership. Even $10 a month can be pushing it sometimes. This automatically ruled out my ability to enroll in gym classes or one of those luxury gyms. I searched for something within my means…and then I searched the internet for coupons.
  • Location
    • Knowing I spend most of my day between school and work getting a gym near my house did not make much sense. I would much rather go straight from work to the gym. If I go home first and see my bed, I know there’s no way I will be going back out. Because of this, a location between both my school and work became a point I searched for.
  • Equipment
    • I am not an expert regarding fitness. I needed a place with cardio machines and maybe some weights. I also wanted something or someone that would show me how to properly use the equipment so I would not look like a fool. Looking for a place with enough equipment for all of its members was an important search as well.
  • Hours
    • Being a college student I do not really work on the 9-5 system. Some of my classes go till 9 p.m. and some start at 9 a.m. I needed a place that could fit what I need instead of me needing to push aside time for them. This would make it easier and more convenient for me to go.

All of these simple factors led me to one decision. I ended up going to Planet Fitness not only because I had a coupon ($99 for a whole year), there was also one located right between my school and place of work. It is also open 24 hours! Which means I can go when I want to go.

While I know Planet Fitness is a popular choice for many college students, it does not mean it is right for everyone. Consider what the most important needs to you are: do you like going to classes? Lifting weights? More instruction? And go from there. By getting what you want out of a gym, you are more likely to go more often.


5 thoughts on “Living: Choosing (And Actually Going To) a Gym

  1. Two of My friends have the same deal as yours, $99 for a whole year. Unfortunately, they don’t go very often because they think they won’t regret wasting it since the price is so cheap.


    1. I understand that feeling! I try to go 3 times a week. I figure since I paid only $99 I should go more than 99 times to make it worth it.


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