Saving: New Apartment Deals

As you all know, I love finding good savings.

While searching for furniture and decorations online for my new apartment, I came across a helpful list of deals for students. While paying for an apartment alone can be expensive, I do try to care about what my apartment will look like.

If this is going to be the place I come home to each day, I want it to feel as homey as it can. This means taking the time to think about decorations, furniture etc. It should be comfortable, cozy, and welcoming. I want to love spending time in my apartment.

That’s where this list comes in. It shows some of the great discounts we can get as students with a student ID or just cheap places to look. Check it out here!

Where do you go for apartment furniture and supplies?

P.S. I recently signed up for Bath & Body Works email and they saved me a TON on a candle haul I just went on. I basically got two free candles for every one candle I paid for. This is definitely something you should sign up for if you ever want nice hand soaps, candles, or body washes.


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