Living: Easy Spring Break

Spring Break is hard. It’s planning is time-consuming and its expenses are costly. Luckily, I have found myself a few easy tips to make my spring break at home a little more fun, even if I cannot make it to the beach quite yet…

  • Local libraries most ALWAYS have free passes to local attractions
    • In Boston we can get free aquarium, museum or even zoo discounts!
  • Take the time to catch up on sleep (at home spa day even?!)
  • Better yet, go OUT and have a spa day (Groupon coupons first!)
  • Get in the car and take a drive. Grab a friend and take turns picking which way to go, you’ll never know where you will end up!
  • Explore fun places in your neighborhood (Did any new restaurants open up?)
  • Do something you always wanted to do during school hours but couldn’t because you had no time! (Favorite park, walk somewhere etc.)
  • Shopping spree! No better time to get your spring wardrobe.
  • The least favorite option – work more. You can earn more money for fun this summer!

Are you going away this break? If not, what are your plans?


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