Living: A New Idea

Recently I watched a video about a woman who was able to put two years of her trash into one mason jar. Amazed by just the caption on its own, I continued in and clicked to watch the video.

Lauren Singer aims to live a “zero waste life”. This means she is always looking for ways to decrease her footprint and help the planet. While I think this is a completely incredible and interesting thing, she also mentioned it saved her money.

These two things alone made me want to look into what a “zero waste life” could mean. I went onto her blog and began reading about all she does and how she does it. Though I do not think I could do ALL that she does with the point in my life I am currently at; I would like to look into parts of this to see how I can not only help my planet but myself too.

There are so many simple things you can change in the way you live that help you become cleaner, healthier, and are actually cheaper! This is something I will definitely be looking into, and I look forward to bringing you guys on the way to everything new I try!

This whole video brought so many new ideas to me that I had never once thought about. What do you all think about a “zero waste life”? What pieces of it do you think you could try?

Find the video here

Find Lauren Singer’s blog here

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