Eating: The Slow Cooker

I never have enough time to make dinner every day of the week. If I have nothing ready, I stoop to eating mac & cheese, ramen, or another traditional college staple. After moving out of both my house and the dorm I realized I need to work more on not only planning my meals but on following through with them as well.

My solution? The slow cooker.

Having a crock pot allows me to prepare meals before I even leave for school! I prep the ingredients either Sunday or the night before and the morning of the meal I just through it in the crock pot and turn it on! I never have to think about what I am having for dinner because it is already ready for me after a long day at school or work.

Some of my favorite dishes have included: soups, pot roasts, garlic chicken and beef stew!

There are so many easy, non-time consuming recipes to find. I highly recommend a crock pot investment to anyone who wants better dinners with less effort.


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