Working: 5 Tips to Prevent Procrastination

Finishing homework in a timely manner has always been a struggle for me. I am a world class procrastinator… if that even is a title.

I have tried the agenda, the daily planner, the post-it notes – you name it. Something in me always wants to push back homework until the day it is due.

As I have now entered my junior year, I’ve discovered a few tips to not only help me stay more timely but also allow me to space out my work. So if you are a procrastinator like me, I suggest you give these a try:

  • Create a class schedule with 30 min – 1 hour blocks in between. This gives you time set aside to do homework because you probably don’t have enough time to go back and be distracted by a movie or something.
  • Do big projects in the library. Once you get into your “groove” of writing the rest will come naturally and you will already be in a quiet place.
  • Do homework with other people, seeing other people do homework and not other fun activities may enforce you to do your own! Power in numbers…
  • Write papers in blocks. Split your paper into ideas and write 1 of the ideas every hour. This gives you time to take a break while still making sure you have enough time to write it all.
  • Reward yourself! Just finish a big project? Go out to dinner, see a movie, just do something you don’t normally do in your everyday life!

What helps you get your homework done in the right amount of time?


7 thoughts on “Working: 5 Tips to Prevent Procrastination

  1. Honestly, I am super OCD, so I do my assignments scheduled for an entire semester all at once during the first couple of weeks of classes… If possible , of course. So OCD actually helps!


  2. This is something I have struggled with too. Because I work full time, I usually try to use Saturday mornings as a time to do a lot of reading. I also try to plan out my week on Sunday nights (everything from workouts, to homework, and dinner prep!)


  3. I also find it helpful to stay in the library or a quiet spot on campus to get homework done. I get distracted at home way too easily. And as much as I love my friends, I can never get my homework done around them!


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