Living: The Trouble with Lyft

Lyft. The taxi service right at your fingertips. It makes it easy to call and get a ride home whenever you want. But is it too easy?

School is definitely a time where I try to watch my budget. With the recent addition of a few Lyfts a week I realize they really add up! I could be spending $50 a month on Lyft rides to and from school – that’s $600 a year I’m missing out on.

While Lyft seems like a good use of money, there have totally been times I could have taken the T home, but was just too lazy to. It’s moments like this where I should concentrate on what my budget for the week actually is, and not try to make up an excuse to avoid the (short) walk home.

Overall, Lyft is great. If you have the $5 off deal or if you are in a bind and can’t get home. But otherwise, my upcoming goal for next month is to take Lyft’s way less. Plus, a little more walking is healthy, right?


7 thoughts on “Living: The Trouble with Lyft

    1. It makes it much more impactful when you calculate what you spend for the whole year. But yes the bad weather makes spending for a Lyft much easier than taking the T in a snow or rain storm!


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