Living: Take Advantage of College Opportunities

So far, one of the things I am most thankful for in college are the group discount packages.

Let’s face it, whether you go to a college of 100 or 10,000 your college activities board will always take advantage of the group discounts.

This could mean cheap bowling trips, adventures to NYC, or even skiing! You can do so much on a small college budget just by looking up what activities your school has going on.

I recently went on a ski trip with my school for just $40 on a usual $200 day. This $40 included rentals, transportation, and lessons if you felt you needed them. This is a great deal considering how expensive skiing can get. I loved every minute of it and I am 100% certain I would have been unable to go if it were not for the great discount I received.

This was not even the only time I have discovered the opportunities I can get through my school. Even local events become cheaper. School dances serve free food, school activities give out free coupons, what more could you want?

I know I would not be able to have half the experiences I’ve had thus far without the opportunities my school has brought to me, some I’ve never even thought of (white water rafting anyone?). I highly recommend that if you are a college student, on or off campus, to start looking into some activities your school offers before its too late. You won’t be getting these discounts for much longer – so take advantage, make the time!

What school activities have you been trying lately? Any recommendations I should be looking out for?


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