Living: College Benefits of Meditation

There are many studies on the benefits of meditation, all it takes is a simple Google search to garner thousands of results. I’ve learned that it is not about the results people say will happen, but what I’ve actually experienced.

Last year I took a class called Intro to Cancer Care, in this class we learned about a complementary medication many like to use – meditation. At first I thought it seemed useless. Why would I need meditation? Granted, college is very stressful and get be overwhelming, but I felt I knew how to handle it.

Our homework was to try a meditation app or practice for a week. After this week we would report back on how we felt. I chose to use the app Headspace. It was free for 10 days and it would give you 10 guided lessons on meditation. After just one use of it I already loved it.

Mediation gave me a space to give 10 minutes just to myself without interruption. I did not have to think about any homework to do, any chores needing to be done or any people waiting for me to answer them. I just had 10 minutes to be me.

Whether or not you feel meditation works is besides the point. By taking the time to use this app I saw how valuable taking time to myself can be. Headspace helped show me what a difference this can make. I also walked away from my 10 day free trial with better calming practices when I am feeling stressed, as well as a better understanding of how calm really feels.

I was skeptical at first but now I ensure I allot myself a certain time slot each day in my busy college life. You can meditate, sit, go for a walk – I just highly recommend some you time instead of busy time.

Step away from the electronics and social media and step into what you feel like on that day. Are you feeling stressed? Why? Are you happy? Why? Ask yourself these questions, learn about yourself. Taking the time to understand this now will give you the proper skills to help yourself through many stressful, anxious or challenging issues you may experience in college.

Read more about Headspace and how it works on their website HERE.


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