The Basics: Email Coupons

My budget became much smaller in college. I had to pay rent and bills on top of everything else I would want to do.

One of the first things I learned in college is simple – never pay full price for anything. Whether it be groceries, the movies, restaurants or even daily toiletries I have learned I can get it all much cheaper than the list price.

As I did some research, I learned it was so easy to find coupons for the things I use everyday. The easiest being email coupons. Any store I went to I would sign up to be on their email list. This allowed all deals to be sent straight to me before I even walk into the store. I recommend this to anyone, any savings can be good savings.

For example, I was getting free meals at TGI. Fridays just for signing up for their rewards membership. I also would get $30 off $10 at Bath & Body Works. If I was going to be shopping there regardless, I might as well save!

I later discovered websites that will send coupons straight to your email tailored to you. My favorite site is This is a great resource for any college student looking for a discount on the things they do everyday. It is very easy to pick the stores or activities you want coupons for and each week you get a new selection of coupons to shop from.

There are so many couponing websites out there for college students. I encourage every reader to go out and find the ones that work best for you. Never pay full price for the things you can get at a discount!

As a college student, where do you find your best deals?

Final Tip: Bed Bath and Beyond almost ALWAYS has a 20% off coupon for new email users. Great for move in day!


4 thoughts on “The Basics: Email Coupons

    1. Macy’s especially has so many available even if you don’t have the credit card! It has become one of the main places I check first for coupons when I need stuff for my home.


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